LearnPad Comments

I find the LearnPad far more appropriate to learning than an iPad. If you set up a robust profile there are opportunities for students to access most any type of Internet based content. You can make the device as restrictive or open as you choose. It has a built in camera and accepts SD memory cards and USB devices.
Looking at the management there is no comparison. They are managed very much like a Chromebook. There is a dashboard that allows for easy reconfiguration.  Reconfiguration can be done in an instant by the classroom teacher (if it is set to allow that). The iPad is certainly not a device that can be reconfigured instantly in the classroom (unless your District is spending big bucks on a management system and carts that allow syncing). 
Scanning the QR codes is an option. Students do not have to do this if the  original profile is properly set up. The device is instant on and seems to have good battery life (not as good as the iPad).
There are far fewer total apps, but if you are looking for educational and age  appropriate apps then there may not be that much of a difference. The cost of the packages of apps is very reasonable and easy to purchase.  You can buy packages that include lots of apps by subject and age range. The basic age 7-11 school package costs $15 and includes a lot of links and apps (I would guess 50-75). All appropriate for the age and sorted by category.
It is also an Android device that can utilize Android apps.
No device should attempt to replace the teacher. They are tools to help understanding and reinforcement of concepts introduced by the teacher. The LearnPad is designed primarily to be that tool. The teacher /tech determines the control over the content and how the device is used. 
I am really excited about the potential of this device. Low cost for both purchase and support.

Jay Christgau
Director of Technology
Minocqua J1 School District      
7450 Titus Dr Minocqua, WI 54548


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